The Five Themes of Geography


Relative:  Spain borders the Mediterranean Sea. It's west of Italy, south of France, north of Morocco, and it borders the North Atlantic Ocean.

Absolute: The absolute location of the capital of Spain, Barcelona, is  42 degrees North, 3 degrees East.


Human:   In Spain many people smoke and also stay out very late, even kids stay out past 9:00  PM each night. In addition, almost all of Spain's population speaks Spanish. Lastly, many of the people in Spain practice the Roman Catholic religion.

Physical: Spain is a large, flat plateau surrounded by rugged hills; the Pyrenees Mountains are in the north. It has hot summers which many people spend at Spain's beautiful beaches. It's cloudier and cooler along the coast, sunnier and warmer in the interior.


People: The railway system is an efficient part of the Spain Transportation. This is operated by the state. The state owns a rail company, Red Nacional de los Ferrocarriles Espanoles, and is popularly known as RENFE. The railway system for Spain is considered to be the best in whole of Europe. RENFE service is available in the major cities of Spain. Taking the train saves the country gas and money. It's like car pooling! Also, people drive cars and walk many places, too. They basically have the same means of transportation that we do.
Goods: The transportation of goods comes in five typical ways;  heliports, pipelines, railways, waterways, and airports. There are 8 different heliports, 154 airports, 681,224 km of railways, refined products 3,445 km of pipeline, and 1,000 km of waterways. They all carry goods that we need in different ways.
Ideas:  Ideas are moved around in many different ways in Spain. For example, many people communicate with their telephone system, whether it is with a cell phone, a pay phone, or their house phone. Also, many people listen to the radio for fun and information. Lastly, 19.69 million people in Spain use the Internet and ideas from other people are shared through all of those ways. This affects Spain because you can usually find multiple phones, a computer, and a radio in a common household in Spain.

Human Environment Interaction

How Humans Affect the Environment:
Spaniards affect the environment in many ways, but one example is charcoal manufacturing, a traditional job in Spain. This has a negative effect on the environment because it pollutes and it is using all of Spain’s natural resources. This is because charcoal is usually made from wood that has been burnt or charred while being deprived of oxygen. They get the wood from chopping down trees in their forests.
How the Environment Affects Humans:
There was a big toxic spill into a river in southeastern Spain. Damage was done to Doñana National Park, an important habitat for the endangered Iberian lynx pardinus, and home for millions of birds and other animals. This affects humans because they had to do all of the clean up for this and it cost a lot of money.


       Spain is part of the region that borders the North Atlantic in Europe. This region consists of all of the countries that border the North Atlantic Ocean and are in Europe. This region consists of Iceland, Ireland, The United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Morocco, Torshavn, and Spain.